50 Blogs & Forums for Claims Adjusters


We turn to the internet for everything these days. Online shopping gives us a break from fighting crowds during big sales or driving a few hours to buy our favorite brand because there’s no local outlet. Blogs and forums help educate us by allowing others to share their knowledge online. Education, both formal and informal, is a critical part of improving your skills or climbing the ladder at work.

Many professions require diligence to stay on top of the current news and trends. Laws, rules, and methods change all the time, and you have to keep on top of these changes and innovations. If you’re an insurance adjuster, you already realize how vital continuing your education is, but you may struggle to find reliable sources.

We’ve compiled a list of 50 informative blogs and forums to help you find the information you need to stay on top of current rules and continue your education as an insurance adjuster. While most of this list is focused on medical claims adjusters, the information applies to anyone that needs to investigate a claim and make a decision on its validity.

Blogs for Insurance Claims Adjusters

Blogs are a great source of knowledge. They give anyone the ability to share their knowledge with their readers. Thanks to blogs you can gain insight and experience from others. You can learn how others approached a specific scenario and find out what mistakes they encountered which helps you avoid the mistakes and become more efficient.

  1. AAN Adjusters


AAN Adjusters

This blog is an excellent resource for current adjusters and anyone that wants to become a claims adjuster. The company behind the blog shares their knowledge on everything from learning how to become a claims adjuster to updates on developing disasters from a claims adjuster’s point of view.

Three posts we like from AAN Adjusters:

  1. AdjusterPro

Adjuster Pro

AdjusterPro’s blog is packed with helpful information for novice and veteran claims adjusters. You’ll find plenty of information on software, industry news, and becoming a claims adjuster. They also give you an inside look at some problems they’ve faced and tell you how to overcome or avoid them.

Three posts we like from AdjusterPro:

  1. AdjusterZone


This blog is regularly updated with industry news and plenty of helpful advice. They cover everything from storm updates to safety and training. This is another blog that is an excellent resource for new and seasoned claims adjusters.

Three posts we like from AdjusterZone:

  1. AHIP’s Blog



This blog is aimed at healthcare insurance providers rather than claims adjusters. However, it's full of industry news and may help you understand some of the issues you are confronted with while adjusting claims. It could help you understand why some things are necessary, while others can be avoided so you can explain it better to claimants.

Three posts we like from AHIP’s Blog:

  1. ASHRM’s Blog



This blog focuses on health care risk management. Their goal is helping providers build a safe and trusted healthcare environment. Their content is diverse and covers many topics related to insurance and claims adjusting including book reviews and big data trends.

Three posts we like from AHIP’s Blog:

  1. Aspen Claims Services' Blog


Aspen Claims

Their blog is updated regularly and covers information that every claims adjuster, from disaster to medical, may find valuable and educational. You’ll find a lot of data on trends that pop up during some seasons or after a natural disaster.

Three posts we like from Aspen Claims’ Blog:

  1. Institute for Work & Health’s Blog


Institute for Work and Health

The organization behind this blog researches occupational health and safety to better understand the issues that people face when they try to return to work or find a pathway back to work after an injury. They produce an excellent newsletter that covers many topics claims adjusters may find valuable along with blog posts to help you learn and grow within the industry.

Three posts we like from IWH’s Blog:

  1. International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans


International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans

This is a video blog with information for insurance providers, adjusters, and consumers. They examine many issues that affect how claimants deal with their health and recovery after an injury or illness. They also include information to help families and employers improve the lives of people trying to return to work or coping with a new disability. Most of their videos are on YouTube as well.

Three posts we like from IFEBP’s blog:

  1. AM Best’s Review


AM Best

Most of this blog is centered on the claims market and helping insurance and providers, along with adjusters, understand it. You may find information on this blog helpful in ways you hadn’t imagined yet, like trend watches and projections, or basic information on how technology is providing new solutions for claims management and adjusting.

Three posts we like from AM Best’s blog:

  1. Business Insurance

Business Insurance

Look to this blog for information on the business behind insurance along with data on new trends or seasonal trends in insurance claims. Many of the articles focus on insurance fraud and some exciting ways people tried to file a claim on a bogus injury or property damages.

Three posts we like from Business Insurance:

  1. Claims Journal


Claims Journal

Claims Journal watches trends in property and casualty claims for you. They analyze the data they find and compare it to the current state of the business side and the claims side of insurance. It doesn’t stop at trends, and you can find a lot of news related to insurance from data breaches to fraud. This is an excellent resource for anyone that wants to learn about the current state of insurance claims and in the future.

Three posts we like from Claims Journal:

  1. Claims Pages


Claims Pages

This blog covers insurance industry news, but it offers a lot of articles that may help claims adjusters clear claims faster and understand the nature of some seasonal claims. You’ll find blog posts on a variety of topics that may affect how you handle claims from technology to psychology.

Three posts we like from Claims Pages:

  1. FINEOS’ Blog



FINEOS offers processing systems for insurance providers, and their blog contains a wealth of knowledge on the topic. However, the blog holds a lot of insight into processes and trends that may affect claims adjusters. They also provide regular posts that summarize seminars and webinars they attend along with their take on the information as they understand it.

Three posts we like from FINEOS:

  1. Genpact’s Perspectives Blog



The information on this blog covers a lot of topics that may not directly apply to insurance or claims adjusting, however, they offer some posts on artificial intelligence and business insights that may affect how claims get handled in the future. It’s worth checking out to see if the trends or predictions they highlight may affect you someday.

Three posts we like from Genpact:

  1. IA Path

IA Path

This blog is a good place for novice claims adjusters to start gaining knowledge. That said, the blog posts may be useful to anyone that works in insurance claims. You can find insight into scheduling your time to anticipating seasonal claims due to bad weather along with some free training on a handful of topics.

Three posts we like from AI Path:

  1. Insurance Business Magazine

Insurance Business Magazine

This blog covers the business side of the insurance industry. It offers information to help almost anyone that works in insurance along with some articles that focus on other business topics that may affect you. For instance, we found articles on ransomware, fraud, human resources, and several other topics with an insurance industry spin on them.

Three posts we like from Insurance Business Magazine:

  1. Insurance News Net

Insurance News Net

This is an excellent blog for anyone that wants to keep their thumb on the pulse of the insurance industry. It covers most topics from legislation to innovations in medical insurance. The blog combines a mix of insurance information with other factors as well, so you get to see how things outside of the industry may affect claims adjustment.

Three posts we like from Insurance News Net:

  1. The Institutes Insurance Research Council

The Institutes Insurance Research Council

Updates to the content on this blog are a little sporadic but the information there is valuable, nonetheless. Most of the content is set up like a press release or white paper, and you get them as a PDF when you click a link. The dates on the content go back to 2006, so they’ve been doing their research for quite a while. You may have to click additional links to get from a press release to the actual study or article.

Three posts we like from the Insurance Research Council:

  1. International Risk Management Institute


International Risk Mgmt Institute

This blog focuses on risk management and helping people expand their careers in the field. The blog is set up so that you can jump straight to the content you want instead of sifting or searching through hundreds of articles. That’s a great feature all blogs need but most lack.

Three posts we like from IRMI:

  1. Journal of Insurance Medicine

Journal of Insurance Medicine

This is technically a journal rather than a blog, so you’ll need to find journals with the information you’re seeking. However, the journals come packed with information that affects every aspect of medical insurance. It’s published quarterly, so expect to find large volumes of data to sift through to find what you need. You may need to subscribe to read some of the content.

Three posts we like from the Journal of Insurance Medicine:

  1. Journal of Risk and Insurance

Journal of Risk and Insurance

This is another journal which may require you so subscribe, for a fee, before you can read some of the content. However, they offer a lot of the content for free or in exchange for joining their email list. The content within the journal covers a wide range of topics that directly relate to risk management and insurance from studies on car drivers to white papers on corporate health.

Three posts we like from the JRI:

  1. LeadHER Blog


LeadHER Blog

This blog focuses on topics that affect women in the insurance industry as its primary theme. However, a lot of the information in the posts may be valuable to anyone that wants to learn and grow within the insurance industry. The content is a mix of blog posts and downloadable PDFs.

Three posts we like from LeadHER:

  1. LexisNexis Insurance Insights


Lexis Nexis

Unlike Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions blog below, this blog has a more traditional blog style. It’s less marketing based and more about industry news and trends. Some of the links on their blog bleed over to the site below, and it sends some traffic back as well. However, both websites contain different information claims adjusters may find useful. Check them both out.

Three links we like from LexisNexis Insurance Insights:

  1. LexisNexis Risk Solutions


Lexis Nexis Risk

This blog is filled with information and studies that explore trends in risk management and insurance along with some helpful insight for novice and veteran claims adjusters. Some of the content is served as a blog post while other pieces may be a downloadable PDF. You’ll find plenty of reading and some interesting white papers to help you learn. You may need to subscribe to view all the information.

Three posts we like from LexisNexis Risk Solutions:

  1. National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors



Much of this blog is centered around things going on internally at NAIFA. However, if you use the search feature, you may find topics that interest or answer questions for you. It’s worth a look if you’re curious about NAIFA or if you don’t mind digging a little for quality information.

Three posts we like from NAIFA:

  1. National Association of Insurance Commissioners

National Assoc Ins Commissioners

This blog is a news aggregator that feeds you industry news from multiple sources. While not a blog in the true sense of the word, you may find this newswire a valuable resource for finding and keeping up with insurance industry news.

Three posts we like from NAIC:

  1. National Association of Life & Health Insurance Guaranty Associations

National Assoc Life Health Guaranty

This blog contains insurance industry news as well as some jumping off points to take you to other news related to insurance. Much of the content is collected from other blogs and news agencies, but NOLHGA also makes their document archive available as well.

Three posts we like from NOLHGA:

  1. National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters

National Assoc Public Adjusters

NAPIA’s blog offers information tailored to public insurance adjusters although the data applies to claims adjusters across the industry. It offers news and industry research data collected from a variety of sources, including some they produce in-house.

Three posts we like from NAPIA:

  1. PRIMA Blog


PRIMA provides education and risk management resources for risk managers. Their blog is a reflection of the services they provide, so the content is mostly about risk management and educating risk managers. They also produce some podcasts and other audio on topics that relate to risk management.

Three posts we like from PRIMA:

  1. RIMS - The Risk Management Society


This blog goes far beyond covering risk management and the insurance industry. You can break down the content by category to easily find what you need. The link we provided is for the insurance category, but you may want to explore the other categories based on your specific role in the industry. The content is a mix of other posts, journal content, and downloadable PDFs.

Three posts we like from RIMS:

  1. Risk Management and Insurance Review

Risk Mgmt Ins Review

Most of the content on this site is journal content and may require a fee or subscription to access. However, some of it is free, and each post offers an abstract so that you can see what you're getting without blindly paying for content.

Three posts we like from Risk Management and Insurance Review:

  1. Safety National's Blog

Safety National

Some of this blog focuses on marketing Safety National, but it still contains a good deal of information for anyone working with claims. Some of the content is collected from other websites, so this blog also plays a secondary role as a portal to other valuable content. Be prepared to give up your email address to view some of the material.

Three posts we like from safety National’s Blog:

  1. Schedule It Blog


ScheduleIT Blog

Schedule It helps companies automate claim adjustment scheduling and improve productivity and efficiency. Their blog is a mix of marketing their services along with industry news and helpful tips on claims adjusting. The blog is broken up into categories so that you can get to the information you need quickly.

Three posts we like from Schedule Its Blog:

  1. Society for Risk Analysis

Society for Risk Analysis

This is a professional journal, and most of the content is behind a paywall. However, some professional organizations and software packages come with free access to this journal. Check with any organizations you belong or products you have to see if it’s included. The content is hosted by the Wiley Online Library which hosts content for several insurance-related journals as well.

Three posts we like from the Society for Risk Analysis:

  1. The IQ - ICA Quarterly

The IQ ICA Quarterly

This is more of an online newsletter than a blog, although the difference is debatable. You’ll have to sign up to read some of the content or join the ICA for others. The material covers a wide range of things that may interest claims adjusters along with anyone that works in risk management and insurance.

Three posts we like from The IQ:

  1. ThinkAdvisor

Think Advisor

This blog covers a lot of topics from planning for your future to insurance news. You’ll find posts on industry trends along with data to help you anticipate heavy and light workloads. This is a blog we recommend you regularly visit to stay up to date on critical news for professionals working in the insurance industry.

Three posts we like from ThinkAdvisor:

  1. Virtual Claims Adjuster

Virtual Claims Adjuster

This is an excellent resource for claims adjusters. Some of the posts lead into a marketing funnel for Virtual Claims Adjuster, but the blog isn’t littered with marketing posts. There’s plenty of great information on claims adjusting from getting started as an adjuster to solving problems many adjusters face all the time.

Three posts we like from Virtual Claims Adjuster:

  1. WORD on Benefits Blog

Word on Benefits

This is another section of the International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans’ website. This blog focuses on employee benefits including those related to claims.

Three posts we like from WORD on Benefits Blog:

  1. Workers' Comp Insider

Workers Comp Insider

This blog made LexisNexis’ list of top 25 blogs for five years in a row beginning in 2010. The content on the blog dates back to 2003. Since the blog is regularly updated and new content is added, there’s a wealth of information here for anyone that wants to dig deeper into all aspects of workers’ compensation.

Three posts we like from the Workers' Comp Insider:

  1. Workers' Compensation Law Prof Blog

Workers Compensation Law Prof

This blog focuses on the legal side of workers’ compensation claims and insurance. Most of the blog’s editors are attorneys as well. It’s an excellent resource for anyone that wants to learn more about the legal side of workers’ compensation claims.

Three posts we like from the Workers' Compensation Law Prof Blog:

  1. Workers Compensation Research Institute


This is another blog that focuses on workers’ compensation from injury to return to work. The blog contains information on many things from understanding workers’ compensation to setting up programs to help injured employees get through the claims process.

Three posts we like from the Workers Compensation Research Institute:

  1. WorkersCompensation.com


This blog covers workers’ compensation and ways insurance companies and employers can improve safety or help employees through the claims process. It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran or novice adjuster, you’ll learn something from this blog.

Three posts we like from WorkersCompensation.com:

  1. WorkersCompensation.com - From Bob's Cluttered Desk

From Bobs Cluttered Desk

This blog is written by the CEO, Robert Wilson, of Workerscompensation.com. It’s described on the website as thoughts, ramblings, and observations “From Bob’s Cluttered Desk.” Catchy title aside, the information is excellent, and it has something for anyone that is working in workers’ compensation insurance and claims.

Three posts we like from Bob’s Cluttered Desk:

  1. WorkersCompZone

Workers Comp Zone

The author of this blog has practiced workers’ compensation and disability law since 1979, so the information on the blog is a condensed version of his experience and wisdom. This blog gives anyone that works as a workers’ compensation claims adjuster some insight into the legal side of claims from the perspective of an attorney.

Three posts we like from WorkersCompZone:

Forums for Insurance Claims Adjusters

Forums add another layer of education to the web because they allow you to post questions online for others to answer. People that work in the same industry often use forums to share knowledge and get advice. The flow of knowledge works both ways because you can add your answers to questions as well.

  1. AMPM Insurance Community


This forum is broken up into sections for most types of insurance from auto to life. The users on the forum are very active. Any questions you post will probably get an answer rather quickly. It may also provide some networking opportunities if you’re an active user and answer questions as well.

Three posts we like from AMPM’s forums:

  1. AMPM Insure Company & Specialty Insurance Forum


This is another forum by AMPM that covers company and specialty insurance. You can find advice on many things here from choosing software to networking. Some of the posts are from consumers looking for information, but you can find some excellent conversations throughout the forum for insurance professionals.

Three posts we like from AMPM Insure Company & Specialty Insurance Forum:

  1. AMPM Insure Disability Insurance Forum

AMPM Disability

This forum from AMPM is mostly questions from consumers. You may find some conversations and questions from claims adjusters, but most of the chatter is someone seeking help on a personal claim. This provides an opportunity for you to engage with consumers and get some insight into how they feel about some aspects of the business. Knowing your customers is an integral part of any business.

Three posts we like from the AMPM Insure Disability Insurance Forum:

  1. AMPM Insure Health Insurance Forum

AMPM Health

This AMPM forum focuses on health insurance. You’ll find thousands of posts here ranging from questions from consumers to calls for advice from claims adjusters. Forums are an excellent way to connect with other people that may be experiencing the same issues you are or have the same questions.

Three posts we like from the AMPM Insure Health Insurance Forum:

  1. Insurance Forums

Insurance Forums

Insurance forums is unique among forums because it offers blog posts along with the traditional forum format. You can connect with other professionals or talk to consumers that may have questions about insurance.

Three posts we like from Insurance Forums:

  1. The Adjuster’s Forum

The Adjusters Forums

This forum is active and populated by insurance professionals and consumers. Like the other forums we profiled, this is an excellent place to ask questions of your peers or answers questions from consumers. There’s a lot of information here for newcomers to the insurance industry as well.

Three posts we like from The Adjuster’s Forum:


Blogs and forums are excellent ways to connect with your peers and find advice. They also offer a view of the industry you may not otherwise see. Instead of spending a lot of time analyzing data and trends, you can probably find the information you need online. These blogs and forums are excellent places to begin your search.