Ultimate Protection of Protected Health Information (PHI)

MES Solutions' network and data transmission protocols ensure that all data is encrypted whenever en route or at rest. Email and web server traffic are encrypted using TLS and data-at-rest is encrypted with AES-256 bit algorithm. These protocols address protected health information (PHI) as well as individually identifiable health information (IIHI). Claimant and proprietary company information are stored securely in private silos.

Restricted Access

A virtual private network means that data is not stored locally on desktops, laptops, smart phones, or removable storage devices. A virtual desktop interface (VDI) renders a desktop a dumb terminal; all applications, data, and processing take place in the cloud. MES' physical security policy is as severe as our virtual policy. Access to our data centers is restricted with key cards and biometrics. Visitor escorts are required on premise.

Maximum Network Availability

At MES we run as hard as our clients. Our virtual, private, cloud-based network operates at the industry's highest standard. Our MPLS network infrastructure responds dynamically to handle whatever demands are made. We always have the capacity to process services promptly. Our co-located biometrically secure data centers house redundant mirrored servers for maximum reliability.

Standard Benefits


Virtual computing environment

Co-located data centers

Port-level protection against rogue devices

End-user phishing tests

Defense reviews

HITRUST CSF Accredited