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Record Retrieval and Document Management

Time Saving Benefits


View the complete timeline of treatment

Sort records chronologically

Search and filter options to isolate information

Pinpoint information by keyword search

Retrieve information from desktop, tablet, or phone

Fulfill benefits delivery needs



Get complete, accurate and accessible case files in no time.

The paper chase stops here. The time sink and spotty methods of medical record retrieval end here. There is a better way.

Record Retrieval and Document Management

Integrated medical record retrieval and document management.

eSummary by ABI™ assembles the proverbial haystack of documents and can find the needle in it in a fraction of the time. With eSummary by ABI™ records are gathered, sorted and analyzed electronically. Our service provides end-to-end automation and record review customization, streamlining the ordering, scanning, analysis, summarization and retrieval of medical and legal records. Need a solution for discovery management and subpoena preparation services, and large volume and specialized records duplication?