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Scheduling and Record Collection

As with any medical referral, there are hundreds of details which are orchestrated to complete an IME. Submit the referral to us by the method of your choice. Select the physician to conduct the IME or we can identify the physician for you. Upload the medical records to us in a batch or ask us to collect them. Send us the specific questions to be asked or issues of concern. Use our new cover letter generator templates to customize and expedite filing the questions for the physician.

Then we will schedule and reconfirm that appointment. We’ll let you know if there was a no show. Otherwise we will transcribe, review and make the complete reported available via the portal or send directly to you.

Referrals and Electronic Case Management

Referrals can be submitted using our secure web portal. Electronic case management expedites the workflow which is time stamped and conveniently allows clients to view the status of any case, from any device. Documents, medical records, and reports can be uploaded or retrieved at any time.


Standard Benefits


Schedule, re-schedule, cancel an exam

Request a re-exam

View referrals, cover letters and reports

Request translator

Track the status of any request

Search historical referrals

Upload medical records

Download final reports


Quality Assured Reports

MES evidence-based reports are crystal clear, informed by current medical literature and standards. Reports are subject to quality assurance review. Thorough preparation ensures that all questions are answered.

Referral to Report


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